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Graham Arnold's resurrection: How the 'Coach Whisperer' helped create a Sydney FC beast

Sydney FC and their coach Graham Arnold were at rock bottom at the end of the 2015-16 A-League regular season. The Sky Blues missed the finals less than 12 months after narrowly falling short against Melbourne Victory in the grand final. Questions were raised about Arnold's future at the club - finishing seventh in a 10 team league is most certainly a failed campaign. But the negative noise about his future wasn't just external, it was also felt by the man himself. "When things are good, there is no self doubt," Arnold said to Goal in an exclusive interview. "But when things aren’t great, it doesn’t matter who you are, you always question yourself." Enter Bradley Charles Stubbs. The man dubbed the "Coach Whisperer". The man who deserves significant credit for the transformation of Arnold into the super coach he is today.


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For me, the measure of my achievements are the results that I have had in sport, the success that I have had with businesses and the pride I feel with my family. At an early age I developed a keen interest in sport and would have gone on to be a professional surfer were it not for a car accident.

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‘Bradley has come across something not many people truly understand or comprehend.The people that open their minds to it and listen will get something incredible and so very special out of it.Truly inspiring!’
Michael Maguire South Sydney Rugby League First Grade Coach–Client

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