Karen Bailey


Karen had been in Business Development at Bartercard Gold Coast for over 10 years, when I started working with her. I worked with Karen 10 days into a month in 2013, where her goal to achieve qualification for the Bartercard International Sales Competition, winning an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii was in the balance.
As a result of our work together, Karen achieved most sales she had ever done, in a single month in 10 years, whilst also breaking a world record in sales in Bartercard. In 2013, Karen attained the ranking of 5th in the world and 3rd nationally in a field of over 130 colleagues.

The foundational work I did with Karen, and the techniques I instilled in her, have resulted in subsequent consistent, and further improved, results. In 2014, she finished 3rd in the world in sales in Bartercard, also winning 2014 Ultimate National Sales Champion and qualifying for an all-expenses paid trip to Canada. In 2015, she finished ranked 2nd in the world in Sales for Bartercard.