Ethan Hartwig


Ethan Hartwig is a 15-year-old boxer. He has been boxing, on and off, since the age of 10 for fitness and started competing competitively in April 2015 in AIBA.

Ethan had around 12 straight wins when he first started boxing competitively. He won the Novice Schoolboy Champion title in the 66 kg division in June 2015. After 15 fights you’re no longer considered a novice and are placed into the elite category. Ethan was then up against 2 others in his division, who are a year older and have around 70+ fights under their belts. It was tough for Ethan. He had 5 straight losses. It affected his mental toughness immensely, he was struggling to believe in his own ability and lacked self-confidence. His parents started to doubt his continued interest, drive and passion for the sport.

At this time, I was recommended to Ethan Hartwig, by a client, and met with him on the 24th July 2016. Ethan went on to win the MBA Fight Night in Brisbane on the 13th August, by unanimous decision, against a 17-year-old, with Ethan giving up weight and age.

I had another Expect to Win talk with Ethan on the 17th August 2016. He then won silver, in a split loss on points decision, competing in the finals against Tonga in Australasian Golden Gloves on 24th August 2016. Ethan is currently boxing in the junior 75kg division and he has just won, via unanimous decision, against New Zealand’s National Jnr Champion, Cole Downard, in the Young Guns NZ vs Australia Boxing Championships, 24th September 2016.

His fight ratio now stands at 22 fights, 17 wins and 5 losses.

After beating the NZ champ, who has had an apparent 65 fights, Ethan is feeling great. He can see now that he belongs there.

” Bradley has given me a program to read over every day to prepare me mentally to perform in peak performance. Since starting the program I actually feel more confident and believe I do have the ability to beat anyone. I’ve just won my first international fight via unanimous decision, my confidence has grown to have more self-belief. Bradley has helped me take risks and push boundaries to escape my