I witnessed Brad do something I have never seen done before at a sporting event, or any event for that matter. The Bondi Board riders team (surfers) were at Kiama competing in the qualifying round for the National Titles. They needed to come first to progress through. With 3 and a half minutes to go Bondi were lagging back in 4th place, and the last surfer had to score in excess of 8.65 points out of ten. The entire team had all but given up, except Brad who refused to doubt Bondi would win. He demanded everyone believe not only that Bondi could win, but they would win. He focused on the last surfer, Chris Friend. In a matter of just a few minutes, Brad somehow managed to fill Chris with absolute belief and certainty that he could do what no one else on the beach thought was possible. Chris ran down and paddled out, but at 1.30 to go he was still sitting waiting for a wave. Finally the wave did come – straight to Chris – just as Brad had said it would: “Chris if a wave does come, and you believe you can win this, then rely on your subconscious to put you in position to catch it”. It sounded like Jedi Knight stuff, but as the clock ticked down Chris caught the wave and blasted it all the way to the beach. He ran up the sand, crossed the line with just seconds to spare as the score was read out – 9.3. Bondi were through to the National finals. Everyone was astounded… not just by Chris – an amazing athlete, but by Brad and the ‘magic’ he somehow weaved that day. Everyone still talks about it. Bondi came 4th in the teams event at the national final. Brad wasn’t there, and some surfers said that was the difference.

Ben Davies Contest director Bondi Board riders Producer and Creator, Bondi Rescue