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For me, the measure of my achievements are the results that I have had in sport, the success that I have had with businesses and the pride I feel with my family.

At an early age I developed a keen interest in sport and would have gone on to be a professional surfer were it not for a car accident. I was nearing the top of the surfing championship when it became all too apparent that aspiration was over.

Such was the trauma of having my dreams taken from me, I suffered severe depression and emotional collapse. I was referred to the medical agencies and spent some weeks in psychiatric care. I am quite candid about my ill health as it was during this time that I became the man that I am today. During those dark days I channelled my basic survival instincts and forged my overwhelming desire to succeed.

I became determined to fully recover and to realise my potential in life.


This setback did not deter me. It only re-focused me. The commitment and dedication that had served me so well in sport, I directed towards business. I went on to build successful businesses together with my wife, Cathy, and to mentor others whom I found benefited from my support. I soon found myself mentoring world surfing champions which was almost as good as being one!

For many years I continued to support, mentor and coach those in both amateur and professional sport. I found that the skills and programs that I developed worked equally well both in business and in sport, and delivered exceptional results beyond my clients’ expectations. Beyond their expectations, not mine. I expect to win and expect results.

The results that I have achieved speak for themselves. I have found myself coaching some of the most successful coaches in international sport. My former clients have included England Rugby, the Australian Wallabies and the 2014 NRL Grand Final winners, South Sydney.

Bradley worked alongside Graham Arnold, Sydney FC and enjoyed 2 record-breaking seasons, including 2 consecutive Premiers Plate and 2016/17 Grand Final win with Sydney FC in the A-League & the FFA Cup. Graham has also won the A- league Coach of the Year in those 2 seasons. Bradley has just wrapped up both the 2018 NRL Minor Premiership and the 2018 NRL Premiership with Sydney Roosters Head Coach, Trent Robinson. As a consequence of the success that I have delivered I have earned the nickname ‘the Coach Whisperer’ and have been described by my clients as their ‘secret weapon.’

As you will recognise from my website, I am passionate about delivering success and I am measured by the results that I achieve. My methods provide others with that cutting edge that is necessary to achieve those personal goals. I can restore confidence to a struggling athlete or to that coach who is attempting to manage a team of struggling athletes. Alternatively, I act as coach and mentor to that CEO looking to take their organisation to the next level.

I provide consultancy services to those whose positions require results.

Expect to win – done, done, done.


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