BCS as the “COACH WHISPERER” for Graham
By his own admission, Graham Arnold was “more of an actor than a coach” in the public eye. He was not nearly as relaxed and his real personality was buried far beneath the surface as his Sydney FC team laboured to a seventh-place finish last season, the only time his team has failed to reach the finals.

Signed Reference by Graham Arnold

Bradley has come across something not many people truly understand or comprehend. The people that open their minds to it and listen will get something incredible and so very special out of it.
Truly inspiring!

Michael Maguire – South Sydney Rugby League First Grade Coach

After a meeting with Bradley three weeks ago discussing some goals I have with playing in various Golf events. From then I have started working with Bradley on an ‘EXPECT TO WIN’ program and here are just three weeks of what has been achieved.

Winning and Ambrose Golf Event at Social Golfer Australia(SGA) Championship. SGA Champs is a four round individual and team event. Individual through the four rounds I won one of the events and overall for the week placed 3rd in A Grade `

Our team WON the SGA Champs by 12 points. Won a Daily stableford event at my local golf course`

As a golfer the goal is always to drop your handicap and in three weeks I have taken my handicap from 10.2 down to 8.9. During this time I have achieved a lifetime goal of during a competition going round even Par through 9 holes. Completed this in a round of 75 on a par 70 course.

Neill Smith

Bradley has given me a program to read over every day to prepare me mentally to perform in peak performance. Since starting the program I actually feel more confident and believe I do have the ability to beat anyone. I’ve just won my first international fight via unanimous decision, my confidence has grown to have more self-belief. Bradley has helped me take risks and push boundaries to escape my comfort zone. I’m so very grateful for his awesome coaching.

Ethan Hartwig (15-year-old Australian Boxer Junior Division)

We are amazed just how much Ethan’s confidence has improved out of sight! He is improving as an athlete daily and is certainly mentally prepared to get in the ring and fight anyone! He’s one tough kid, we couldn’t be prouder. Bradley’s coaching regime has most definitely helped Ethan develop mental toughness which is a must in boxing. It’s such a tough sport both physically and mentally, you need to have the right mindset just as much as you need to be in peak physical condition.

Brad and Emma Hartwig

I believe 201%. Since meeting you, I understand more about what belief actually is and I am prepared to go there.

Michael Cheika – Wallabies Coach

After the success I had with Michael Cheika for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, I decided I would win the Six Nations with one of the teams in the northern hemisphere tournament in February/March 2016. It was not a conflict of interest, as Australia were not represented, and my immediate contract with Michael Cheika was completed.

Eddie Jones – England Rugby

I have known Bradley Charles Stubbs for over 20 years and I am proud to call him a friend. Bradley has probably lived 3 lifetimes in one so far and a colourful one at that. It is with those experiences Brad has been empowered with the ability to inspire engage and mentor success. Bradley 1st addressed our team in early 2014. His “Expect to Win” message was so powerful. The power of his “Expect to Win” message engulfed our current team and saw people hit targets at the end of June 2014 that they thought were unachievable. As Brad says winning is a mindset expect to receive what you expect. I thoroughly recommend Brad and his team to anyone who wants to get to that next level and break through the barriers.

Craig Markham- CEO Fit Services

Bradley Charles Stubbs has been working with us since December 2013 with great results. His level of integrity and moral authority is unlike any I’ve experienced before and this is apparent in everything he does Bradley has successfully motivated our team to achieve new records and set in motion our journey to new and exciting endeavours. He has assisted with our personal development and self belief to be more confident and aware of where we are capable of taking the business.

Jo Sherline – Friday Flyer Publications

Bradley is one of those people that has a certain way in helping you believe in yourself and what you are doing. It’s his own brutal and honest way but it works, he pulls no punches. I believe that’s why he is respected and gets results. Not only that, he has had his ups and downs so he’s been there in his own life experiences. People can relate to him because of that.

John Gannon – Surfing Coach/Trainer

n the lead up to my last fight it was great to talk with Bradley to keep my mental preparation on track, stay positive and motivated. Brad’s techniques are simple and effective and had me going into my fight extremely confident. I was going to get the result I had visualised many times over.
Thanks for helping with the win mate!

Richard “VAS” Vaculik – MMA fighter

I have only just recently started working with Brad over text and phone calls. I can say that I have never felt more driven and hungry to win before entering the water. He makes me want to crush my opponents.
It’s great!

Taj Burrow – Professional Surfer

I witnessed Brad do something I have never seen done before at a sporting event, or any event for that matter. The Bondi Board riders team (surfers) were at Kiama competing in the qualifying round for the National Titles. They needed to come first to progress through. With 3 and a half minutes to go Bondi were lagging back in 4th place, and the last surfer had to score in excess of 8.65 points out of ten. The entire team had all but given up, except Brad who refused to doubt Bondi would win. He demanded everyone believe not only that Bondi could win, but they would win. He focused on the last surfer, Chris Friend. In a matter of just a few minutes, Brad somehow managed to fill Chris with absolute belief and certainty that he could do what no one else on the beach thought was possible. Chris ran down and paddled out, but at 1.30 to go he was still sitting waiting for a wave. Finally the wave did come – straight to Chris – just as Brad had said it would: “Chris if a wave does come, and you believe you can win this, then rely on your subconscious to put you in position to catch it”. It sounded like Jedi Knight stuff, but as the clock ticked down Chris caught the wave and blasted it all the way to the beach. He ran up the sand, crossed the line with just seconds to spare as the score was read out – 9.3. Bondi were through to the National finals. Everyone was astounded… not just by Chris – an amazing athlete, but by Brad and the ‘magic’ he somehow weaved that day. Everyone still talks about it. Bondi came 4th in the teams event at the national final. Brad wasn’t there, and some surfers said that was the difference.

Ben Davies Contest director Bondi Board riders Producer and Creator, Bondi Rescue

first met Bradley in Brisbane in October 2014, after connecting with him on LinkedIn…….I thought the meeting would only last 10 minutes but one hour later we were still talking!
Bradley is a truly unique character….. I have never met anyone like him before and you cannot help but feel energised by his positive mindset and outlook on life. After every conversation with him I always leave feeling energised and with a fresh perspective on the issues I am facing.
Be aware Bradley’s not afraid to challenge the status quo so if you’ve reached a plateau in life and are ready to be challenged or simply want a fresh perspective on work or personal matters and have an open mind then please don’t hesitate and contact Bradley today…you won’t regret it!’

Nav Uppal Executive Information Assistant National Rugby League

The motivation and the techniques Bradley used to help me succeed in November are of a high and excellent standard and should not be overlooked by any business wanting to succeed in their particular field or industry. His passion, strategy and expectation for my success played a big part in myself wanting the same result, which led to myself reaching and exceeding my target for the month of November. I have now set a record for my highest target achieved whilst being employed by the Gold Coast Office.

Ray Tekii Key Account manager Bartercard Gold Coast February 19, 2014

After a phone call with Bradley to discuss the world of events, it became clear that Bradley was no ordinary guy! He “opened the lid” on so many possibilities, thoughts and challenges that we all daily face…and hits them head on. He inspired and extended my belief in myself both professionally and personally in such a short space of time. A very interesting person with an exciting path ahead…looking forward to it!

Emy De La Mare Salt Events – Event Consultant
April 22, 2015

There is a simple way to describe Bradley! Inspiring! But in no way can you simply describe his ability to reach in and pull from your heart the dreams and goals that have been locked away! In just a few words you could fairly say there’s many motivating people available, but witnessing first hand his unmatched passion for helping others succeed in business and life, Bradley Stubbs in this person’s opinion is an invaluable asset to have in any arsenal. What sets him apart is his loyalty to run the race with you and keep the pace going when others get you started and check in if you are lucky. That character is extra- ordinary.

I proudly recommend Bradley Stubbs to those looking to improve or explode their business and expectation of what is truly possible.
This recommendation does not come lightly and I would like to take this opportunity to simply say ‘Thank you’ you have inspired me to step out and take for myself a life by design.

Michelle Campbell Referral Marketing linking people to business
June 7, 2014

Brad’s ‘Expect to Win’ mantra has changed my approach to both my work and personal life – and all for the better! His hints and tips about facing ourselves head on – in order to help our customers even more – have worked so well for me that I was promoted at work within six months of starting the job. I have been grateful to meet Brad at this stage in my career and to have him walk alongside me, always prompting me to ‘look myself in the mirror’, ‘expect to win’ and to expect the best results out of every situation not just for me, but for my clients and staff too.

Stuart Chattillon – Sales Manager Friday Flyer
September 14, 2014

I first heard Bradley speak as a motivational speaker in 2013, and was blown away by the projection of passion and expertise from stage. He has the ability to inspire you to be honest with yourself and delivers it in gripping style. Value any time you can get with Brad, it’s worth every second.

Pete Kirkwood Business Development Executive at Coffee 4 business
May 16, 2014

Bradley is one of the most passionate and enthusiastic individuals I have met. He loves to share his experiences and inspire other people to greater heights.

Tony Wiese Chief Financial Officer at BPS Technology Limited
March 10, 2014

Eight weeks ago Bradley Charles Stubbs entered the realms of Friday Flyer Publications. I hadn’t met someone who oozed so much motivation, energy and faith in people for a long time. With his strong beliefs and his ability to motivate and inspire myself and my colleagues, I can only say that I am completely amazed at how he has assisted the company into realizing there is a massive market out there that we can be a part of and help others along the way. I can’t wait to see what other sensational things are to come.

Erminia Pizzol Operations Manager at Friday Flyer Publications
March 7, 2014

Bradley is a dynamic never say No person. He helped me achieve my goals of qualifying for the Bartercard International Sales Competition. He never gave up on me. He believed in me more than I did myself. He supported me in those last weeks like no other. Self-belief and expectancy … He kept reinforcing all the goals and values and pushed for the results. I know now that I can do… Thanks to Bradley’s commitment to me and his drive and belief, I attained the ranking of 5th in the world and 3rd nationally in a field of over 130 colleagues. I would highly recommend Bradley and his no fuss, you can do it attitude. He is a caring individual and only wants the best for you.. I am happy to say that I know I can count on Bradley to get me over that seemingly impossible line. Thanks Bradley.

Karen Bailey Business Development Bartercard Gold Coast
March 5, 2014

As an independent consultant, I am fortunate to be mentored by Bradley Stubbs who is an incredible leader. His expectancy, leadership and enthusiasm to extract the best out of people is what separates him from other speakers and motivators in the commercial scene. He is driven, challenging, inspiring and has moral authority. One thing Brad said to me after he challenged me one day that I will never forget is “Pauly… all I am trying to do is impart my world of knowledge and experience into your Gen Y mind. When you know now at 26 what its taken me my whole life to learn… I will take you past everyone!!” He is a modern day Mr Miyagi!

Paul Carcallas – Sales & Marketing
October 26, 2013

I have known Brad Stubbs since we were kids growing up in Maroubra. Brad has the ability to inspire people and see the potential and opportunity in situations where most people wouldn’t look. He is the classic entrepreneur and thinks well outside the square. Turning nothing into something comes naturally for this visionary man with incredible foresight. He has the ability to rally the troops and is a born leader of men. Every chapter of his amazing life has twists and turns and hurdles that he leaps with seamless ease. It’s an experience that’s not to be missed.

Terry McKenna
Professional sportscaster & Lifestyle reporter for Austereo
October 25, 2013

I have known Bradley for almost 15 years, during this time I have observed him & his wife successfully operate and build three companies. I have also had the opportunity to here Bradley speak to business groups on a number of occasions. His talks have been both inspirational and thought provoking. On each occasion I have been challenged to think bigger and expect more. Bradley is one of the most challenging speakers I have heard to date, with a real ability to cause one to question their excuses for not moving forward and build your expectancy to achieve your goals.

Paul R Bradley
Proprietor at Fastrack Strategies
October 7, 2013

Brad is a remarkable person I’ve known and counted as a close friend for more than 35 years. His integrity is rare, with an inspirational spirit flowing from simple and powerful eloquence, uncommonly sensible wisdom, irrepressible determination and a cheeky sense of humour.

Gary Dunne Media,
Communications & Public Relations
October 7, 2013

Brad is a driven influencer. His passion and commitment to daily activity towards the sales target and unwavering focus on results helped our key sales representative achieve a personal record monthly result after almost 7 years of international top performance. Put him to the task and get out of his way if you want a job done. Old school and to the point – Brad gets results.

Leigh Watson
General Manager at HydroKleen Australia Pty Ltd
September 10, 2013

With all the ups and downs that come with motorsport, Bradley always brings a voice of positivity – even during the toughest moments. Call it a mantra or whatever you like, the results more than speak for themselves on track.

Chris Barter

Bradley has taught me two things; shut out negative thoughts and expect to win. If I have a bad qualifying run or race, that’s the mindset that has always enabled me to bounce back. It keeps me positive. If I expect to win, I will win.

Hugh Barter

Bradley Charles Stubbs has not only been a great supporter over the last 25 years, he has also been a loyal friend….Something to be treasured.

After years of engaging in community volunteer work, it was BCS who encouraged me and gave me the personal confidence to re-enter the work force.

Bradley’s positive influence and tenacious support has had a profoundly positive effect on what has at times been a challenging yet fulfilling life.

He gently and expertly counseled and guided me back on track after the devastation of losing my beloved husband. I could have easily ‘lost the plot’ if it were not for Bradley’s guidance.

BCS was also there for me when a stroke and other health issues changed my life forever. I firmly believe I would not be who I am today had it not been for him.

Again his deep and insightful understanding of people came to the fore to help me regain my zest for life. He has a unique and highly successful way of coaxing the best out of people.

As we all know you can only be your best self when you are positive, strong, determined and courageous. BCS helped me allow those qualities to rise in me despite many life crushing periods.

f you want the best from yourself but are not quite sure how and want to expect to win….Ask BCS. He has literally guided thousands of people to be their best ‘self’.

I am eternally grateful to have Bradley Charles Stubbs in my life.

Heather Haynes OAM

1988 Australian Bicentennial award recipient
1995 National Volunteer Cancer Foundation
1999 Zonta Gold Coaster of the year.
2000 Order of Australia Medal
2004 Gold Coast Citizen of the year award
2005 Rotary Centennial award
2006 Rotary Pride of workmanship award.

Heather Haynes OAM