Graham Arnold – Sydney FC


Whilst having a meeting with Sydney FC Football Manager, Terry McFlynn, on 13 November 2015, Graham Arnold came over and I was introduced to him in the coffee shop at Allianz Stadium in Sydney. That brief introduction turned into a 40-minute conversation; an Expect to Win talk.

On the 10th August 2016, I randomly rang Graham Arnold from the number on his business card. We spoke for 39 mins; another Expect to Win talk. He was at his hotel room, said he never answer blocked numbers, but he answered my call. Sydney FC had a game that night, for the FFA Cup against Wollongong and Graham was nervous, despite being the favourites. I text Graham a programme for the match and Sydney FC won 3-0.

I continued to forward programmes to Graham, each week, through the FFA Cup series right through to their Grand Final appearance on November 30, 2016, and as the 2016/17 A-League season started. I spoke to him on the phone on August 17, 2016 for an hour& 7 November 2016 for 30 minutes. This was the first-time Sydney FC had ever made a Grand Final in the FFA Cup. They lost to Melbourne City in the Grand Final 1-0.

After the loss in the FFA Grand Final, I spoke to Graham about the energy surrounding the club on social media and re-built the belief.

The 2nd time I met Graham in person, was on the sidelines after the Brisbane Roar Vs Sydney FC game, in Brisbane, on 19 November 2016.

The A-League season was well under way as I continued to send programmes weekly.Graham had begun to ring me, twice a week, from Round 14, January 2017 for further Expect to Win talks.

I put together a programme whereby Sydney FC would be undefeated for the entire A-League season. By round 19 in the A-League, Sydney FC was still undefeated. In round 20, Sydney FC was beaten by the Western Sydney Wanderers 1-0, due to a unanimously agreed significant error by the referee. To continue striving and winning, I developed programmes whereby Sydney FC would tick off various records held in the A-League. We remained undefeated until the completion of the regular season, breaking every record ever held in the A-League.

Sydney FC won the 2016/17 Premiers Plate with 66 points out of a possible 81 points, breaking the previous record of 65 points (larger competition with 3 extra games). Sydney took the Premiers Plate with 4 rounds to go and then went on to win the 2016/17 Hyundai A-League overall, in the Grand Final, against 2nd place Melbourne Victory, on 7 May 2017 in a penalty shoot-out.

Sydney FC won the 2016/17 Hyundai A-League Premiers Plate with a 17-point, record margin over 2nd place on the table, beating previously held record of 12 points. They also broke the record for most wins in an A-League season 20, previously 18; least number of goals conceded in a season,12, most clean sheets in a season, 16 and the best differential in an A-League season, +43.Sydney FC were undefeated at 96.3% in the 2016/17 A-League season with 20 wins, 6 draws, 1 loss.

Graham Arnold went on to win the Dolan Warren, Hyundai A-League Coach of the Year, Sydney FC’s, Milos Ninkovic won the Johnny Warren Medal for Best Player of the Year and Sydney FC’s, Danny Vukovic, won the A-League Goalkeeper of the Year.


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Michael Maguire



I connected with Michael Maguire on Linked In and sent him an email on 4/1/14. For 4 months I told my friends I would work with Souths Sydney NRL coach Michael Maguire as I have followed South Sydney for over 50 years and they had not won a premiership in 43 years, despite being the winningest club in the NRL.
I sent him a txt on 4/1/14. No reply. I was going to Sydney for a business trip on 22 May 2014. I turned up at Redfern oval, without an appointment. Whist on the phone to a client at the top of the stands, I saw Michael Maguire drive in. I went down and introduced myself. Michael said he had an appointment but could give me 20 minutes. I said “I’d be grateful for 2 minutes”.
An hour later, after passionate discussions in his office & an “Expect to Win” talk, with all the other staff wondering what the raucous was coming from Michael’s office, I left. Two days later, Michael txt me asking for my thoughts on the team. I suggested coffee, he was too busy, and he called me.
From that day on, I txt or spoke to Michael every day, at least once, but never met him again in person, until we were in the change rooms with him after the Grand Final. After starting work with Michael on 24 May 2014 when they were 5 wins, 5 losses, South Sydney won their first premiership in 43 years and, despite no one else in the club knowing about what I did with Michael every day, Michael called me his secret weapon. After winning the 2014 NRL Premiership, we then went on to win the 2015 Auckland 9s and the 2015 World Club Challenge.


Eddie Jones


After the success I had with Michael Cheika for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, I decided I would win the Six Nations with one of the teams in the northern hemisphere tournament in February/March 2016. It was not a conflict of interest, as Australia were not represented, and my immediate contract with Michael Cheika was completed.
I decided that I would get England Rugby to win, as they were in a Rugby depression after the 2015 World Cup where they hold the unenviable record of being the only host nation in history to be bundled out of their own World Cup in the pool rounds.
We contacted the CEO, who responded with interest but advised us that they had sacked their coach and had not yet appointed a new one. Once Eddie Jones, was appointed by England Rugby, the England Rugby CEO again contacted us and advised that our proposal had been forwarded on to Eddie Jones. Eddie Jones’s PA contacted us with interest to set up a phone call with Eddie to me. This single phone call went ahead and within a 3- week time frame the contract was signed and I was sending programs, and media reports, to Eddie from Australia.
England Rugby went on to win the 6 Nations for the first time in 5 years. They also won the Triple Crown by beating Scotland, Wales and Ireland and secured a clean sweep of events during the tournament, taking out the Grand Slam for the first time in 13 years. England Rugby had in fact only won the Grand Slam, in the Six Nations tournament, 13 times in a 145-year history.
England Rugby contracted me again for the Wales game and the Australian Tour. The Welsh game, which they won, was a warm up to their Australian Tour.
I met Eddie Jones for the first time when he came to Australia in June 2016 for their Australian Tour. I also had the opportunity to attend training and meet with some of the team for casual “Expect to Win” chats. I continued to give Eddie “Expect to Win” programs and media reports as England Rugby went on to a clean sweep of the series 3-0 for the first time in history, taking home the Cook Cup.
England Rugby has only ever beaten the Wallabies in 3 games, in Australia in a 107-year history. England Rugby also scored the most points ever against an Australian Team and broke the record for their greatest winning margin.
We enjoy a 9-0 strike rate together and England have since been elevated from 8th in the world, after the 2015 World Cup, to 2nd in the world behind New Zealand.


Michael Cheika


Having had success with Michael Maguire in 2014, I decided I wanted to work with Michael Cheika. Maguire knows him well and sent a referral text to him on my behalf. At the time, Michael was the Waratahs Super Rugby coach with 2 wins, 2 losses & 2 draws. Cheika rung me on 16 March 2015, I met him in Brisbane 2 weeks later for an “Expect to Win” foundational talk with a programme to win the 2015 World Cup.
I was then in contact with him almost every day about the Waratahs up until the semi-finals. At the completion of the Super Rugby season, Cheika took on his full time role as Wallabies Coach.
I had met with him when he was in camp in Brisbane in March 2015 and started the belief culture with an “Expect to Win” talk. I met with him 8 times in person, over a total of 7 hours, including face to face sessions prior to the Wallabies V South Africa game in Brisbane & Wallabies vs New Zealand in Sydney to win the 2015 Mandela Challenge Plate, the Puma Trophy & the 2015 Southern Hemisphere Rugby Championship.
Throughout the World Cup, I have been in contact with Cheika every day via txt or phone and have a track record of 12 tests for 10 wins and resurrected the Wallabies from 6th in the world to 2nd in the world.


Nicky Wood


I met 16 year old Nicky Wood in 1987, 3 weeks before the Ripcurl Bells Beach Tournament. I worked alongside him in person, with “Expect to Win” talks, for 3 weeks in the lead up to the Bells Beach pro surfing event. Instilling belief in Nicky over this period, he won the event becoming and still holding the title of the youngest ever surfer to win a pro tour event.
I worked along Nicky for 3 events, as his “Expect to Win” mentor, each of which he won. After Bells Beach in 1987, he won the Coke Surfworx Bondi in 1989 and the Billabong Pro Sunset Beach Hawaii in 1990.


Brett Drewitt


I saw a profile for Brett Drewitt, professional golfer, on Linked In and connected with him, sending him a message early May 2014. He replied that he was in China at the time. Upon his return to Australia I spoke to him on the phone and gave him an “Expect to Win” talk in the lead up to an event he was playing in. I also sent him one “Expect to Win” txt. Brett had never won a professional event before this. He went on to win the subsequent event in May 2014, the 2014 United Investment Real Estate Wuhan Open in China; his first professional win.
I have never met Brett Drewitt and since winning the first event, he spoke to me twice but has not been in contact since the win, and still to date, he has not won a further event.


Friday Flyer


I started consulting to Friday Flyer, a small community newsletter on the Gold Coast in January 2014. With weekly 1 hour face to face “Expect to Win” sessions, within 18 months, I increased their publication by 166% and their circulation by 41.3%, to 165,000 households, making them the number 1 print media organisation on the Gold Coast, exceeding that of Rupert Murdoch’s Gold Coast Bulletin publication. I also trained their sales staff to break their best weekly sales volume by up to 525%, while increasing the calibre of advertiser to national and international brands.


Ray Tekii

Ray Tekii is a Trade Coordinator for Bartercard Gold Coast. Having been at the job for 1 year, and never hit his required budget, he decided he needed some help.

I worked with Ray for 1 month in 2013. In that month, he exceeded his budget by 20% and improved his previous best month by 61.9%. Subsequently, he has consistently made budget and since, has been promoted to a Key Account Manager.


Karen Bailey

Karen had been in Business Development at Bartercard Gold Coast for over 10 years, when I started working with her. I worked with Karen 10 days into a month in 2013, where her goal to achieve qualification for the Bartercard International Sales Competition, winning an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii was in the balance.
As a result of our work together, Karen achieved most sales she had ever done, in a single month in 10 years, whilst also breaking a world record in sales in Bartercard. In 2013, Karen attained the ranking of 5th in the world and 3rd nationally in a field of over 130 colleagues.
The foundational work I did with Karen, and the techniques I instilled in her, have resulted in subsequent consistent, and further improved, results. In 2014, she finished 3rd in the world in sales in Bartercard, also winning 2014 Ultimate National Sales Champion and qualifying for an all-expenses paid trip to Canada. In 2015, she finished ranked 2nd in the world in Sales for Bartercard.


Tim Henry

Tim has been working for the Helensvale Technology Group for 2 ½ years and held the role as Centre Manager of the Telstra Business Centre Gold Coast for the past 17 months. I started working with Tim in August 2015 with a goal to improve his team’s sales volume and his own leadership style.
The 90 day Expect to Win programme has brought significant results – By the 4th month of working alongside Tim, the overall team monthly sales figure had increased on average by 13%, the weekly sales by 26.66%, the daily sales by 33.33% and they recorded the highest daily individual sale increase of 257%. With the benchmark now lifted, the sales continue to exceed previous months’ results on a consistent basis.


Ethan Hartwig

Ethan Hartwig is a 15-year-old boxer. He has been boxing, on and off, since the age of 10 for fitness and started competing competitively in April 2015 in AIBA.

Ethan had around 12 straight wins when he first started boxing competitively. He won the Novice Schoolboy Champion title in the 66 kg division in June 2015. After 15 fights you’re no longer considered a novice and are placed into the elite category. Ethan was then up against 2 others in his division, who are a year older and have around 70+ fights under their belts. It was tough for Ethan. He had 5 straight losses. It affected his mental toughness immensely, he was struggling to believe in his own ability and lacked self-confidence. His parents started to doubt his continued interest, drive and passion for the sport.

At this time, I was recommended to Ethan Hartwig, by a client, and met with him on the 24th July 2016. Ethan went on to win the MBA Fight Night in Brisbane on the 13th August, by unanimous decision, against a 17-year-old, with Ethan giving up weight and age.

I had another Expect to Win talk with Ethan on the 17th August 2016. He then won silver, in a split loss on points decision, competing in the finals against Tonga in Australasian Golden Gloves on 24th August 2016. Ethan is currently boxing in the junior 75kg division and he has just won, via unanimous decision, against New Zealand’s National Jnr Champion, Cole Downard, in the Young Guns NZ vs Australia Boxing Championships, 24th September 2016.

His fight ratio now stands at 22 fights, 17 wins and 5 losses.

After beating the NZ champ, who has had an apparent 65 fights, Ethan is feeling great. He can see now that he belongs there.
” Bradley has given me a program to read over every day to prepare me mentally to perform in peak performance. Since starting the program I actually feel more confident and believe I do have the ability to beat anyone. I’ve just won my first international fight via unanimous decision, my confidence has grown to have more self-belief. Bradley has helped me take risks and push boundaries to escape my comfort zone. I’m so very grateful for his awesome coaching”.
Ethan Hartwig (15-year-old Australian Boxer Junior Division) 
” We are amazed just how much Ethan’s confidence has improved out of sight! He is improving as an athlete daily and is certainly mentally prepared to get in the ring and fight anyone! He’s one tough kid, we couldn’t be prouder. Bradley’s coaching regime has most definitely helped Ethan develop mental toughness which is a must in boxing. It’s such a tough sport both physically and mentally, you need to have the right mindset just as much as you need to be in peak physical condition”.
Brad and Emma Hartwig